Friday, 14 April 2017

Isu Perkahwinan Serina: Chef Wan Akhirnya Mengamuk Dengan Menantu, Dedah Perangai Sebenar


Isu Perkahwinan Serina: Chef Wan Akhirnya Mengamuk Dengan Menantu, Dedah Perangai Sebenar

Serina Redzwan kini sedang mengalami masalah rumah tangga dan dikatakan dalam proses penceraian.

Hari ini ramai yang terkejut dengan pendedahan dari bapa Serina itu Dato Chef Wan, yang sememangnya terkenal dengan kelantangan apabila meluahkan pendapat.

Kerana tidak dapat bersabar lagi, Che Wan akhirnya telah mendedahkan masalah sebenar perkahwinan Serina dengan suminya bernama Gavin Edward yang berasal dari England.

Memang mengejutkan ramai pendedahan ini..kesian Serina, mana hati seorang ayah tak sedih melihat anaknya yang terpaksa menanggung suami dan terpaksa bekerja keras.

Jom baca:

Betapa berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu Serina yg memikul segalanya for the last 6.5 yrs in her unhappy marriage. Alhamdulilah after advising my son in law on numerous time the important of suami menjalan kan tanggung jawab memberi saraan perbelanjaan isterinya tiap2 bulan and he refused to accept my advise and i am very happy that my daughter is filing for a divorce and we will go ahead with all legal proceeding to fight for her right and justice too.

For a long time i have been silence except once i had my IG update talking about tanggung jawab suami ke atas isteri and sikap kedekut suami and that reference was made to this similar issue. Rather than have the press specualate yg bukan2 baik la saya come upfront and tell the truth nothing but the truth. In any marriage a wife need to be spoilt by the husband tetapi sayang sekali anak saya bekerja teruk kesana kemari mencari rezeki and as a father off course i feel sad for her.

I told my son in law dont be "a cheap f***ing b**tard"! Kasi kan…kau nak sangat kan.Kau ingat kita dtg dari keluarga yg bangsat ke? Even my x wife pun saya kasi rm3000 sebulan for her living allowances and bought a 3 bedroom apartment for her and u know how generous i am to all my grandchildren too! Enough is enough so jika tidak mahu mendengar nasihat bapa mertua rasa saya sampai sini sahaja lah.

I hope after i have explained clearly to all of u up here do not ask me any personal question any more as i would not entertain anyone plus its non of any one business anyway. As for the media stop hounding me like a mad dog! I honestly believed my daughter deserved a better life and she must be happy. Marriage is always a gamble but u must be truthful and happy otherwise have the balls to walk out of it!

Yes i am sad for my grandchildren but i believed with all our attention and love they will survive! To all husband apabila kita membaca kutbah nikah di depan kadi itu cuba ingat apa tanggung jawab suami kepada isteri? There no such things as my money is my money and your money also u need to contribute to the household. Nafkah isteri tetap tanggung jawab suami and there no question about this!

Semoga Serina, Chef Wan tabah hadapi dugaan ini. Di harap perkara ini dapat di selesaikan dengan baik.

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