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Chef Wan Tak Terima Penjelasan Menantu, Gelar Gavin Seorang Penipu Besar


Chef Wan Tak Terima Penjelasan Menantu, Gelar Gavin Seorang Penipu Besar

Nampaknya kisah Serina dan suaminya Gavin Edward semakin menjadi perhatian ramai selepas Chef Wan mendedahkan perkara sebenar.

Sebagai seorang ayah, Chef Wan tidak dapat lagi menahan rasa marahnya melihat gavin yang dikatakan tidak memberi nafkah. (BACA SINI)

Kemudian, Gavin atau nama Islamnya Salahudin ada membuat kenyataan menafikan perkara berkenaan. (BACA SINI)

Selepas membaca kenyataan dari menantunya itu, Chef Wan sekali lagi panas hati dan menyatakan sekeras-kerasnya bahawa Gavin seorang penipu.

Ini komen balas dari Chef Wan:

I just read my ex son in law Gavin giving his side of the story to Free Malaysia Today.

I can see he is trying to justify telling the world he paid for the family bills, put the kids to International school etc... Aren't u the father to the kids? That is every father responsibility. Full stop!

" I would have been surprised if Serina had asked for additional pocket money and indeed serina to her credit never did, WE HAD NO ISSUE"

Liar! Liar!

What was all this wife Nafkah for 6 years that was not given a cent to her and he still want to twist and turn?

So all this while when i spoked to him or Serina and we argued about what?

Then he went to say he is devaststed that Rina move out and dont know the reasons? HELLO...
Is he stupid or just ignorance?

U want to cover your mistake pun please come out with a smart excuse la Gavin.
Tak pandai jaga isteri dia cabut lari lor!

He didnt tell the story of the RM5000 he request from Serina to contribute each month to the house hold expenses?

How come?..I paid for everything! Ya right....

"One day we will be judged by our actions and i can hold my head high?"
Dont let me roll on the floor laughing.

When we go to court let see how u can lift yr head high when the judge ask u
" Nafkah isteri ada kasi 6 tahun....Pakaian isteri segalanya ada kasi?"

I love to be in that court room to see this smart Ass guy lifting his head up high?.

Yes Rina left the house as she could not put up with your nonsence which i dont need to expose that as that will embarrass u more but every morning she come to pick the kids to school and drop them home after lunch like most mothers do how come u dont tell this to the world Gavin?

Why u want to paint her as a useless mother and u are suddenly the Saint Gavin?

We are not hear to argue about u being a good father and a provider to the kids ok.

We are here to tell u to do your huband Duty that is to provide Nafkah for yr wife...
Nak ku carut aja....yang tu kasi free ke?

Strange how some men will never suck up to their own mistake that result in their fail marriage!

Oohh i dont know this....oh i dont know why?

Try giving that answer to the lawyer in court?
Hee hee Cant wait all this drama in court.


Its not the end of the world!
Kesian di luar salah yg melempar pelbagai tuduhan serta fitnah yg bukan2 on me this few days bertambah la pahala saya diahirat nanti.

So typical of Malaysian buka sahaja mulut berbau longkang and make all sort of speculations out there.

Yg nasihat saya tak usah masuk campur padahal that is my 1st time confronting my son in law about the " Nafkah".

Being a stubborn fool and an arrogance bast*rd he refused to take my advice sampai saya suggested if u are that desperate why dont i save yr marriage by giving u this money and my daughter does not even have to know.

But u still need to dress your wife and look after her like most suami and not just the kids.
U know what he told me.

" Oh if Serina want her nafkah i sent the maid home and that maid salary she can have and be a housewife instead"

Kurang ajar ini bangs*t punya orang putih.

Kawin 6 tahun satu cawan kopi or 1 dinner pun tak pernah saya kerumah dia.
That is why u never see me with him except once or twice for the cucu birthday.
I just dont have respect for people like him.

Eeee such a f*cking stingy bast*rd this guy is u have no idea.
So i am glad Serina finally come to her senses after being bullied for years.
No wife will stay in that kind of marriage la.

Serina sangat bersabar orangnya and kept all this for years which i never knew.
Only last year she told me she cannot take it anymore and she is moving out!
That is the time when i ask him and itu sekali sahaja .

After i found out the truth and realised this i said to my daughter No ...Cerai kan dia Rina u deserve to be happy and respected by the wife.

Off course la reading his notes the public rasa kesian dgn dia konon dia jaga anak when Rina left.

He goes to work balik hari-hari lewat tapi pagi-pagi despite not staying together Rina still sent the kids to school macam the rest of the world.

Tapi tak pulak dia cerita kan.

Also Rina cannot have him as a husband kerja dia asyik buruk kan agama Islam dan orang-orang Malaysia, my daughter cerita.

Tapi tak tahu malu ke yang kau kawin tu siapa?

Yang kau cari makan tu bukan di Malaysia ke 

Memang ada setengah org putih di negara ini yg perangai macam tu!


I always find it very strange and just cannot comprehend all this husband who are not only tight with money but dont know how to beza kan tanggung jawab menyedia kan household expenses serta anak-anak and giving your wife some Duit " Nafkah".
Dont who dont understand what this mean pls google!

Kedekut tak bertempat jika pendapatan suami sedikit lain la then jika isteri mahu membantu its ok ini tidak for son in law case.

Bulan-bulan kau nak makan hasil bini pun bukan la berapa sen pun kerja as an artist ni pun as we all sedia maklum.

Saya yg selalu jenis bermurah hati dan suka membantu org memang sungguh pandang sebelah mata pun tak boleh especially when that is a husband duty.
How to compromise.

Lebih lagi anak kita yg kita kawin kan elok-elok si lahan*t tu boleh buat mcm tu.
I only wished Rina has told me much earlier of his bad taste and poor attitude.

She only demanding her basic right as a wife pun she told me.
Mana ada Rina minta yg bukan-bukan Pa.
I jenis tak kisah semua urus sendiri cari duit sendiri sampai baju Raya dia dan family each year pun Rina tanggung.
He can only say " Oh why Muslim every Raya must buy new clothes"?
What kind of bangs*t question is that?
Kau Christmas tak shopping sakan ke?
Are u a f*cking idiot to come out with that statement?

Every Raya Rina say to me
" I am so lucky Pa always buy the children clothing Pa.Sometime the kids clothing yg they have out grown i told Gavin and he make dont know aja".
So i took my cucu2 to shopping.
That is the honest truth.
No even a thank you from his mouth once!
U know what he advice me once orang putih bangsat tak ada class ni
" Oh pls dont spoilt the kids buying all that clothing i rather u teach them good manners!"
I swear to u he said that!
In my heart said u bloody fool if anyone who got the style and manners is me and u should direct that question to yrself.
Eeee geram sungguh saya tau.
We have been very patience with him for a long time.
Memang tak tau adat dan kurang ajar.

Anyone who goes through my honest and real experiences will understand why i cant no longer save their marriage.
We are very honest and simple people.
All our true close friends know exactly who we are.
Tak tahu tu SHUT UP!


He must be one hell of a liar! Such arrogant SOB to cover himself up when the honest truth is as simple as taking care of your own wife.
Ha...ha...Any husband who play his role well and know how to take care of his wife they would not leave the house la.
Typical of some men who simply cannot such up to their mistake and now want to paint himself looking like a bloody Saint Gavin!
Haiya whats so difficult having to stage all this drama minggu ini. Just give yr wife a divorce sudah la.
Either way the court will still grand from all the evidences pun according to Serina Lawyer.
He does not know who is messing around with.
I loved Evana Trumps famous line.
Get the best Lawyer u can afford and darling don't forget " Get everything"! After all we dont decide the court will make their decisions.
Like i always say when u are standing on the truth u should never be afraid.
A responsibility of a husband is spelled clearly in the Islamic law.
U cant escaped from this " Nafkah" thing.
That is the women right.
During the akad nikah all husband has to take this oath. I rest my case! Guilty!

Itulah komen dari Chef Wan setelah membaca kenyataan dari Gavin. Chef Wan menyatakan kenyataan dari Gavin pembohongan semata-mata dan Gavin gagal melaksanakan tugasnya sebagai seorang suami dalam memberi nafkah.